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Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
XRF555 B
XRF813 A

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
W4IFE listening Hotspot
W4THE listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
VA7XAR VA7XAR XRF727 B XRF929 B 190318-01:16:18
W2PW W2PW XRF727 A WD5TAR B 190317-09:24:09
VA3CZK VA3CZK XRF727 B XRF929 B 190312-12:09:26
W4IFE W4IFE XRF727 A W4IFE 190309-23:16:36
K0FW K0FW XRF727 A K0FW 190308-10:47:03
VE2VVT VE2VVT XRF727 B XRF929 B 190305-22:04:08
K1LHO K1LHO XRF727 A XRF813 A 190305-20:38:13
KK4PKR KK4PKR XRF727 A KK4QXJ 190304-16:06:44
W4THE W4THE XRF727 C W4THE 190302-12:28:45
KG4JJS KG4JJS XRF727 C N2NUO C 190225-10:45:21
N2XME N2XME XRF727 A N3FE A 190222-22:03:25
AG6WK AG6WK XRF727 A AG6WK 190214-17:43:28
KM6MAT KM6MAT XRF727 A N3FE A 190213-22:11:35
VO1RCL VO1RCL XRF727 B XRF929 B 190213-16:11:14
KF4YEY KF4YEY XRF727 A XRF813 A 190211-16:58:00
KC2EPU KC2EPU XRF727 A KD2DIP 190211-16:07:03
K5NX K5NX XRF727 B XRF929 B 190210-12:51:33
W1QIY W1QIY XRF727 A W1QIY 190210-00:59:27
WB1GNL WB1GNL XRF727 A XRF813 A 190206-15:58:19
KC6RZW KC6RZW XRF727 A N3FE A 190205-19:48:18
W6RTF W6RTF XRF727 A XRF555 B 190204-12:06:07
ZS6AF ZS6AF XRF727 A N3FE A 190130-09:23:10
9H4CM 9H4CM XRF727 A XRF555 B 190130-00:20:37
G7MHL G7MHL XRF727 B XRF929 B 190128-15:51:33
VE3NY VE3NY XRF727 B XRF929 B 190128-10:42:20
KB9SAR KB9SAR XRF727 A N3FE A 190127-01:05:28
KD8TUZ KD8TUZ XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:15:28
WB4BXO WB4BXO XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:15:24
WN7C WN7C XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:15:07
KP4IP KP4IP XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:11:37
W9JAR W9JAR XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:10:20
KC7PJI KC7PJI XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:10:10
W4YCN W4YCN XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:10:03
K7MTD K7MTD XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:10:02
NX2O NX2O XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:10:01
KI4ECY KI4ECY XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:09:54
KC5LVW KC5LVW XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:09:51
WA4YIH WA4YIH XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:09:50
W4JWC W4JWC XRF727 C N2NUO C 190125-06:09:49

Status as of Mon Mar 18 11:26:04 2019 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 54 days, 1 hours and 30 minutes

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