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Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
XRF555 B
XRF813 A

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
W4IFE listening Hotspot
W4THE listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
PY2CN PY2CN XRF727 B PY2CN 181119-14:13:28
VE3AJB VE3AJB XRF727 B XRF929 B 181118-21:49:14
ZS5LO ZS5LO XRF727 C N2NUO C 181116-13:48:06
KB9VJC KB9VJC XRF727 C N2NUO C 181116-10:55:39
VA3CZK VA3CZK XRF727 B XRF929 B 181116-07:25:18
VE3XTD VE3XTD XRF727 B XRF929 B 181116-07:24:53
W4THE W4THE XRF727 C W4THE 181115-14:59:03
WA3EZT WA3EZT XRF727 A XRF813 A 181114-20:04:13
VE3HYE VE3HYE XRF727 B XRF929 B 181112-23:00:57
VA3AM VA3AM XRF727 B XRF929 B 181112-14:00:38
VE2VVT VE2VVT XRF727 B XRF929 B 181110-13:08:26
VA2RJF VA2RJF XRF727 B XRF929 B 181110-13:06:42
N8YMT N8YMT XRF727 A N3FE A 181109-20:30:42
GI0PNP GI0PNP XRF727 A GI0PNP B 181109-06:51:17
VA3TAL VA3TAL XRF727 B XRF929 B 181108-12:57:49
2E0EVP 2E0EVP XRF727 A 2E0EVP 181107-12:24:01
KF4YEY KF4YEY XRF727 A XRF555 B 181106-12:10:44
VE3HOL VE3HOL XRF727 B XRF929 B 181105-21:01:05
IU2ACT IU2ACT XRF727 B XRF929 B 181104-09:02:41
N2TOX N2TOX XRF727 A XRF813 A 181031-06:16:27
GI0RWO GI0RWO XRF727 A GI0RWO 181027-18:20:09
K7JOE K7JOE XRF727 C N2NUO C 181027-14:28:16
W4IFE W4IFE XRF727 A W4IFE 181027-09:18:25
VE3YVL VE3YVL XRF727 B XRF929 B 181025-16:09:37
W9HPX W9HPX XRF727 C N2NUO C 181024-10:54:14
K5VPW K5VPW XRF727 A XRF813 A 181023-00:23:15
K1RTA K1RTA XRF727 C N2NUO C 181022-12:59:20
N5VRP N5VRP XRF727 B N5VRP 181019-22:59:15
2E0PSV 2E0PSV XRF727 A 2E0PSV 181017-12:20:38
2E0STE 2E0STE XRF727 B XRF929 B 181015-17:56:50
VE3NY VE3NY XRF727 B XRF929 B 181015-17:54:25
JP3RPQ JP3RPQ XRF727 A N3FE A 181013-16:17:43
K4SQI K4SQI XRF727 C N2NUO C 181013-15:58:05
VK7HSE VK7HSE XRF727 B XRF929 B 181009-04:46:37
KE8O KE8O XRF727 A N3FE A 181008-11:20:27
KD8GRN KD8GRN XRF727 A N3FE A 181007-16:38:57
N0CALL N0CALL XRF727 A N3FE A 181007-16:34:20
KM4VVY KM4VVY XRF727 A XRF555 B 181004-20:13:21
W5ETJ W5ETJ XRF727 C N2NUO C 181004-08:52:44

Status as of Tue Nov 20 02:16:04 2018 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 84 days, 11 hours and 18 minutes

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