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Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
XRF048 A
XRF310 B
XRF555 B
XRF813 A

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
W4IFE A Hotspot
W4THE C Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
AE5MM AE5MM XRF727 A N3FE A 180527-15:11:13
W8WEU W8WEU XRF727 C W8WEU 180527-12:48:55
N8IQT N8IQT XRF727 A N3FE A 180527-10:41:24
W4GMI W4GMI XRF727 A KC4UG 180526-21:28:55
VA3CZK VA3CZK XRF727 B XRF929 B 180526-14:15:55
VA3WJO VA3WJO XRF727 B XRF929 B 180526-14:07:53
KM4SZU KM4SZU XRF727 C N3FE C 180526-08:09:49
W4GLE W4GLE XRF727 A XRF555 B 180524-22:05:29
VE3NY VE3NY XRF727 B XRF929 B 180524-18:41:27
W4IFE W4IFE XRF727 A W4IFE 180524-14:11:22
VA3PFL VA3PFL XRF727 C VA3PFL B 180524-13:30:32
N0CALL N0CALL XRF727 A K5NSX A 180524-12:17:15
AI5AI AI5AI XRF727 A K5NSX A 180524-12:15:34
K5IMO K5IMO XRF727 A K5NSX A 180524-09:29:50
KC7JOE KC7JOE XRF727 A K5NSX A 180522-21:18:29
VE3SIZ VE3SIZ XRF727 B XRF929 B 180521-19:51:47
W4THE W4THE XRF727 C W4THE 180521-12:22:43
WB4RFQ WB4RFQ XRF727 A WB4RFQ 180519-23:37:54
VA3AM VA3AM XRF727 B XRF929 B 180519-19:36:33
N5ZAP N5ZAP XRF727 A XRF310 B 180518-10:00:31
KR4AD KR4AD XRF727 A K5NSX A 180517-10:16:45
KH7FU KH7FU XRF727 A XRF310 B 180515-08:48:26
KT8Z KT8Z XRF727 A KT8Z 180513-19:12:01
VE6RPP VE6RPP XRF727 A XRF310 B 180513-19:09:27
AA2IA L AA2IA L XRF727 A XRF310 B 180513-13:47:38
2E0STE 2E0STE XRF727 A 2E0STE 180513-08:32:41
KD8GRN KD8GRN XRF727 A K5NSX A 180512-15:14:33
KE8O KE8O XRF727 A K5NSX A 180511-11:30:35

Status as of Sun May 27 19:01:04 2018 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 16 days, 20 hours and 57 minutes

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