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Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
XRF813 A

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
G7RHF D listening Hotspot
W4IFE listening Hotspot
W4THE C Hotspot
VK3EME C O Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
W4THE W4THE XRF727 C W4THE 190114-15:28:31
VA6JT VA6JT XRF727 A XRF555 B 190113-18:35:34
VA3TDG VA3TDG XRF727 B XRF929 B 190113-12:27:12
VA3CZK VA3CZK XRF727 B XRF929 B 190113-10:33:11
W2PW W2PW XRF727 A XRF813 A 190112-21:37:46
W4IFE W4IFE XRF727 A W4IFE 190112-20:43:08
VE2VVT VE2VVT XRF727 B XRF929 B 190112-12:32:48
M0WJN M0WJN XRF727 B XRF929 B 190112-10:38:41
VE2SPY VE2SPY XRF727 B VE2SPY 190111-23:29:18
W6RTF W6RTF XRF727 A XRF555 B 190111-22:58:48
KB3ZAE KB3ZAE XRF727 A XRF555 B 190111-22:31:34
W8MKH W8MKH XRF727 A W8MKH 190111-15:24:00
G7RHF G7RHF XRF727 C G7RHF 190111-13:28:10
WK0I WK0I XRF727 A WK0I 190110-14:55:59
WK0H WK0H XRF727 A WK0I 190110-13:11:11
WA2QBJ WA2QBJ XRF727 C N2NUO C 190109-23:25:41
KQ6RC KQ6RC XRF727 A XRF555 B 190109-15:24:54
VK3OU B VK3OU B XRF727 O VK3EME 190109-01:07:10
VK3OU VK3OU XRF727 O VK3EME 190109-01:06:21
KB9SAR KB9SAR XRF727 A N3FE A 190105-21:42:49
GI0RWO GI0RWO XRF727 A GI0RWO 190105-17:35:52
ZS6AF ZS6AF XRF727 A N3FE A 190105-10:11:26
N1DOT N1DOT XRF727 E N1DOT 190102-22:51:32
VA4MM VA4MM XRF727 B XRF929 B 190102-12:35:26
KC0QA KC0QA XRF727 A XRF555 B 190101-22:22:59
KB6RRX KB6RRX XRF727 A XRF555 B 190101-14:08:14
KC6RZW KC6RZW XRF727 A N3FE A 181231-19:40:53
KE8BTV KE8BTV XRF727 A XRF555 B 181231-19:38:34
KM4DAH KM4DAH XRF727 C N2NUO C 181226-11:57:03
GI0OKM GI0OKM XRF727 A GI0OKM 181220-12:15:20
VK8MT VK8MT XRF727 C VK8MT C 181219-02:31:06
K8RWM K8RWM XRF727 A N3FE A 181215-15:35:00
W4RAM W4RAM XRF727 B W4RAM 181209-06:40:15
F8DSN F8DSN XRF727 B XRF929 B 181208-19:43:12
VE3BEO VE3BEO XRF727 A XRF555 B 181208-15:41:20
AE5PL M AE5PL M XRF727 A KE5YAP A 181206-14:54:16
N0CALL N0CALL XRF727 A N3FE A 181204-18:16:54
KD8GRN KD8GRN XRF727 A N3FE A 181130-09:41:49
KE8O KE8O XRF727 A N3FE A 181129-06:38:46

Status as of Fri Jan 18 02:03:04 2019 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 143 days, 11 hours and 5 minutes

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